Wire Additions

Ever-shrinking geometries and increasingly complex boards mean that trace repair and wire additions require greater precision and more sophisticated tools than ever before. Although most developers understand how to make a modification, repairs of components with fine or variable pitch require years of experience to perform correctly. And the complexities of modern PCBs, including smaller, more sensitive components and package-on-package memory, require more sophisticated, expensive tools.

These factors, coupled with the need for a quick solution, can make eTech the best and most cost-effective way perform your PCB repair.

  • We modify complex prototypes to improve or alter a board’s function, giving developers a chance to determine if their modifications are working before moving to the next stage of prototype development or manufacturing.
  • We also make repairs that few in the industry are willing to attempt. We’ll perform trace modification in the most inaccessible areas, including under BGAs or other sensitive components.
  • We repair and restore pad sites for any component, including fine-pitch and variable-pitch BGAs, QFNs, and package-on-package stacks. eTech technicians routinely rework the most intricate PCB designs, saving even heavily damaged boards.

Variable Volumes, a Suite of Solutions

Sometimes our customers need to perform the same repair on dozens, or even hundreds, of boards. Or we may be presented with a set of identical PCBs, each with a different problem, each requiring a different solution. Either way, we’ll analyze the entire board to find mechanical and thermal faults, then present the most effective solutions for fixing them.

Usually, we can offer several solutions based on the desired result. We may recommend a more complex repair that ensures device reliability in challenging conditions, or a short-term repair that prolongs the useful life of the device — whatever meets your needs. And once the repair is complete, we’ll inspect each component and provide documentation to ensure repeatability in future projects.

Quick Contact

ETECH wire 01t

A trace was added underneath a 1mm-pitch BGA to fix a design flaw. This rework proved out the design, saving our client the time and expense of fabricating a new assembly.

ETECH wire 02t

Dozens of wire additions made it possible to reconfigure and test this design before building a second prototype, averting considerable expense.

ETECH wire 03t

Nine intricate changes to the wiring on the conductor pads under this BGA were added to this board, enabling the customer to test out this configuration before developing an second prototype. After the new BGA was placed, the device functioned as the designer originally intended.