PCB Assembly

As the tolerances required by PCB assembly become smaller and components become more complex and expensive, PCB assembly requires more experienced technicians using advanced tools. At eTech, we specialize in extremely difficult assembly — we can produce a small number of intricate PCBs at the same tolerances and specifications as a large-scale job produced by a tier one manufacturer. Small volumes and complex geometries don’t limit the staff at eTech.

Some of our largest jobs have also been our most complex. Whether we purchase components or our clients consign a kit, we define assembly protocols to minimize the number of steps and the amount of time required by each finished device. We custom design inspection, testing and packaging procedures for each project, and determine how to do it all within the client’s budget.

  • We assemble the most complex devices, including package-on-package components.
  • We provide assembly for both procurement and consignment jobs, working with your staff in the way that makes the most sense within your time and budget constraints.
  • We incorporate state-of-the-art automated and manual assembly equipment, including a Juki .460 Selective Solder System, a nine-zone Heller 1809 Mark III SMT Reflow Oven and VJ Electronix Summit 1800 BGA Rework Machines for those assembly jobs requiring the skills of a highly-trained technician.

Flexible Assembly Services

Some clients want assembly and nothing else — they provide PCBs, components, Centroid files, Gerber files and a BOM, and we complete the job to those exact specifications.

Other clients need much more help.

  • We can source and order components then track the materials used to maintain accurate BOMs for future production runs.
  • You may specify exactly what parts are needed and have us order them, or you may prefer to receive a recommendation based on our experience with part quality and availability.
  • When clients are considering non-standard processes or are undecided about where to place components, we bring in the team at Focus Embedded. Their PCB designers can help you determine how to lay out a PCB or the best way to redo an existing design and get it to work the way it was intended. If you need help getting to the assembly line, the folks at Focus can get you ready to build.
  • We also work with trusted vendors to help you produce bare PCBs from Gerber files; give us a call and we will walk you through the process.
  • Ready to get a quote? We’ll need the following information to get started:
    • Bill of materials in spreadsheet or text format (no PDFs)
    • Gerbers files, top and bottom (silk screen, solder mask and solder paste)
    • Quanitity to be assembled
    • Solder alloy needed (SnPB or lead-free)
    • Any turn time requirements
    • Centroid data in text or spreadsheet file (not required for a quote, but helpful)
  • After the quote has been accepted, you’ll be provided with a job number to be used on all shipping labels. We will not begin assembly until all of the items in your BOM have been received.

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Automated assembly performed on the Juki CUBE.460 Selective Solder System makes through-hole connector installation quicker, more accurate and more flexible. We perform both SnPb and Pb-free operations using selective solder.