Package on Pacakage

Package-on-package (PoP) devices allow for significantly improved component density, but those advances also increase the need for precise PCB rework and prototype development, performed by a well-trained and experienced staff.

In the past few years, notable clients have trusted us with extremely challenging PoP projects, and each time the bar is raised, we pass the test. We’ve tackled some of the most complex devices ever developed in just the last few years, and we’ve clearly demonstrated our proficiency at the cutting edge, building prototypes that … (sorry, we just can’t talk about those clients or projects on our website … security clearances and confidentiality agreements … you understand).

We have the equipment, experience and training to make sure that even the most complex PoP devices are fabricated to your specifications.

  • One of the primary challenges in executing PoP designs is the need for precise alignment. We use the most advanced tools to ensure we meet the most stringent specifications, including pitch as low as 0.4mm.
  • Prototype development is one of our specialties. We develop long-term relationships with designers who rely on our staff to take their concepts one step closer to reality. But we don’t just build prototypes; we work with developers to improve manufacturability, source components and develop a recipe that improves the product while minimizing costs.
  • Reworking PoPs is one of the most challenging of all PCB operations. We thoroughly examine each facet of an existing device, then build thermal profiles that minimize defects caused by warping or expansion.
  • We use X-ray inspection to catch and correct faults as quickly as possible, keeping fullscale manufacturing costs down and making sure that the finished prototype achieves firstarticle quality.
  • We work with Focus Embedded, experts at PCB layout and design, to examine the wide range of variables that make it possible to create dense, efficient PoP devices, manufacture them in the most cost effective way, and move your project one step closer to completion.

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