ETECH inside equipment

It’s not easy to build a team that is capable of doing the kind of precise, complex work we do at eTech. It’s equally difficult — and even more costly — to create a facility capable of building advanced prototypes or reworking package-on-package devices.

  • Our rework and vacuum sealing equipment employs compressed nitrogen — rather than forced air — to eliminate oxidation, improve solder quality and create a superior finished product.
  • Eight VJ Electronix rework stations allow our technicians to process a large number of boards in the smallest timeframe, maintaining our exemplary on-time delivery statistics.
  • We assemble boards that include a wide range of components. The CUBE.460 Selective Solder System provides extraordinary flexibility, allowing us to meet virtually any assembly needs.
  • The Heller 1809 Mark III SMT Reflow Oven uses nine upper and nine lower zones to perform extremely accurate thermal operations on highly complex PCBs for both SnPb and RoHS-compliant (lead-free) assemblies.
  • Our facilities, including the high-security storage cage, are monitored by cameras. We also lock down our servers, fully protecting client data. Additional security measures can be taken for high-value projects; give us a call to learn more.
  • We maintain an enormous capacity for reballing and BGA rework. We’ve reballed more than a quarter of a million BGAs in the last seven years, and routinely complete more than 2,500 in a single week. With eight high-end rework stations, our capacity for rework is equally significant.

Rework Equipment

  • VJ Electronix Summit 1800 BGA Rework Machines (two machines)
  • VJ Electronix Summit 1100 BGA Rework Machines (six machines)
  • VJ Electronix Factory and Custom Nozzles for SRT BGA Rework Machines (100+ unique nozzles)
  • VJ Electronix – IR-4 – IR Rework Station
  • Conceptronics Freedom Series HGR-2000 Rework Machine
  • AirVac – PCBRM-12 – Solder Fountain Rework Station
  • JBC PH1-B – IR Rework Consoles with integrated board support system (three machines)
  • Edsyn TSX-70 Solder Evacuation Systems (12 stations)
  • Metcal Rework Stations (15 stations)
  • JBC Rework Stations (8 stations)

Reballing Equipment

  • InHouse Designed (Rapid Customizable) Plate BGA Sphere Placement System
  • VJ Electronix – ST400 No Touch Solder Removal Station

Inspection Equipment

  • VJ Electronix – Vertex 130KV X-Ray Inspection System
  • Technolab BGA Inspector Endoscope with high intensity LED lighting and backlight
  • High Quality Meiji and Leica Bench Mounted Microscopes thought factory floor with LED lighting

Board Build Equipment

  • Juki KE-730 Pick and Place Chip Shooter with trolley system
  • Juki KE-760 Pick and Place Fine Pitch Machine with BGA and Fine Pitch Laser, Matrix Tray Changer and Trolley System
  • Juki CUBE.460 Selective Solder System with Dual Nozzle, Heated Nitrogen, Board Pre-Heat and Multi-Alloy Quick Change Pot System
  • MPM Solder Paste Printer
  • Heller 1809 Mark III SMT Reflow Oven (nine zone)
  • Heller 1088 Reflow Oven


  • Blue M Dry Bake Ovens (five individual ovens)
  • Eubanks High Volume Wire Stripping Machine
  • Systemation MT-30 Tape and Reel Machine
  • Gramatech Nitrogen Purge ESD Bag Sealer
  • ESD Task Seating throughout factory floor
  • Bliss Cart ESD Board Storage racks (20+)
  • Dymax 400watt UV Light Curing System
  • Omega HH1474 Thermal Couple Simulator
  • Desco 19770 Megohmeter ESD Surface Tester
  • Desco P1210 ESD Static Field Tester
  • Desco 19250 Wrist Strap/Footwear Tester
  • Keithly 2000 DVM Two Wire Multimeter
  • Simco Top Gun Ionizing Air Gun
  • Simco Aerostat XC Ionizing Air Blower
  • Factory Floor Overhead StarLine Power Bussway System with accompanying Dry Air and Nitrogen Supply
  • High Value Cage Security Enclosure
  • 8 Gang ESD Workbenches with integrated microscope mounts, fume extraction, LED Lighting, and ESD Grounding (3 separate 8 gang workbenches)


We’ve built facilities to maximize the efficiency and enhance the quality of every job. Our floors are covered by an antistatic wax that complements the ESD heel straps and smocks used by every employee, and every station is grounded to ensure compliance with industry standards.

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We operate one of the most complete rework operations in the U.S., specializing in complex jobs that require precision and skill.