Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework Services / BGA Repair

BGA Rework Services Offered

eTech Reworks

  • PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array)
  • TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array)
  • uBGA (Micro BGA)
  • CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array)
  • CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array)
  • CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array)
  • Interposers
  • Double stacked components
  • Ball Grid Array Connectors
  • Grounded QFP (Quad Flat Pack)
  • Grounded SOIC (Small Outline Plastic Packages)
  • Lead Free BGA (Ball Grid Array)
Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework Machine
Summit 1100
Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework Machine
eTech is the right choice for BGA Repair
eTech’s BGA Lab service is your answer for the BGA repair of circuit board assemblies utilizing BGA devices. We take pride in being able to successfully rework difficult to rework components. eTech routinely reworks CCGA’s, BGA Interposers, Specialized Pin Adapters, Interposers, Double Stacked Components and BGA Type Connectors with pitches ranging from .5mm to 1.27mm on components ranging from 4mm to 53mm with a high degree of quality and success.

eTech utilizes the most advanced rework tools available for BGA rework. Thermal profiling is done by our Process Technicians with over 8 years experience in thermal profiling and a extensive knowlege of thermodynamics. eTech Engineers design and manufacture BGA rework tools and nozzles used in their processes. This allows eTech to quickly adapt to new module sizes and shapes and to accommodate the ever-changing demands of BGA repair. And furthermore, various Contract Manufacturers rely on eTech for advice on rework processes within their own facilities.
BGA Rework Process
eTech uses Indium America Inc. products throughout the BGA rework process. Indium SMQ92J Solder Paste is used for numerous reasons, but it’s granularity and reflow properties are most endearing to our process. Indium Tacflux 020 is the preferred flux in our process when flux only can be used. It’s an aggressive no clean flux that attacks the tinning surface with just the right touch and minimal residue. (Upon the customer’s request, other pastes and fluxes can be substituted.) Edsyn TSX-70 Soldervac systems are used in removal of excess solder during BGA repair to sharply reduce the likelihood of solder mask or pad damage prior to BGA placements.
Operator Training
Our BGA repair operators are trained by our own, in house IPC-610 Certified Trainer and average over 5 years experience each. eTech has operators with certified capabilities of levels I, II, III, and level IV BGA repair.
Inventory Management
has developed and utilizes a materials management system which tracks all pieces of the customer’s delivery to and from our site. We can, upon demand, tell our customers where each assembly is within our process. Assemblies are scanned into a database and are tracked throughout the process with near 100% accuracy. Packing slips accompany completed boards to our customers with a scan-able barcode for each board to better facilitate inventory management.
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