BGA Reballing

Reballing BGAs

Reballing BGAs seems simple on the surface. But smaller pitches and variable interstitial spaces can make a simple reballing project far more difficult, and a quality result requires experienced hands. Faults can be difficult to detect, and can severely limit the useful life of the finished product, reducing reliability and device life. The more critical your BGAs, the more you need trained, experienced professionals attending to every detail.

We excel at quality, and we can manage the largest quantity, but we’re also really, really fast. When a new request for 300 reballed BGAs arrived via e-mail on a recent Friday morning, we were able to have the full order shipped on Monday to meet the client’s Tuesday deadline — less than two business days from the time we received the order. We maintain this level of capability full time; we don’t have to scramble for temporary help.

  • We reball every type of BGA, from large arrays with 2500 leads to fine-pitch and variablepitch BGAs with interstitial spaces as low as 0.4mm.
  • Removing BGAs from existing PCBs can stress components and diminish their useful life. Our experienced technicians understand how to build the right thermal profile to minimize stress to the BGA throughout the salvage operation and again when the reballed BGA is mounted on a new pad.
  • eTech’s proprietary BGA sphere placement system can be customized quickly, ensuring proper package and sphere tolerances are met for each BGA, and creating the highest possible yield for each reballing job.
  • Every device is thoroughly inspected; nothing leaves the floor until each installed component has been reviewed by our technicians using our Vertex 130KV X-Ray Inspection System.
  • We pride ourselves on repeatability. We document each step of the process to make sure that every job can be replicated exactly.
  • We keep a large staff on hand that can tackle thousands of BGAs and expedite jobs in extremely tight time frames.
  • We also maintain a large inventory of both SnPb and lead-free spheres on hand for quickturn projects.
  • Operating five ovens allows us to bake out boards or BGAs before removing or reballing, fully addressing any moisture issues before work begins.
  • Our operation is capable of processing an extremely high volume of BGAs; we’ve reballed as many as 15,000 in six weeks, thanks to our large team of experienced technicians and a significant investment in the right equipment.
  • We can accept BGAs on tape and reel or in trays.

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We specialize in removing BGAs from pad sites – including expensive or obsolete BGAs – reballing the component for future use or resoldering the BGA onto a new PCB or restored pad site.

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We also reball new BGAs with traditional SnPb for use in military and medical applications where reliability is paramount.