Each project comes with its own challenges. Each solution must be unique. From replacing a simple component to reworking or assembling complex package-on-package stacks, our clients’ needs change daily: eTech helps them finish the job. Building and maintaining a team of professionals blending their diverse talents and experiences into a comprehensive offering is a monumental task. Researching, purchasing, maintaining and replacing the equipment they need is another. But only by developing the right team and giving them the right tools can we tackle the projects that make eTech a leader in PCB rework and assembly. Our staff includes an IPC-A-610 certified trainer, and we maintain ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our on-time delivery rate is better than 99%, and we are constantly adding cutting-edge equipment, maintaining a suite of assembly and rework tools that can handle the most intricate jobs.We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients, and we treat each project as if all future jobs depend on it — and they do. Give us a call or send us specifications for a quote; we’ll show you a path from concept to completion.

Creating a complex functional prototype can be a daunting task. For most PCB developers, it’s not cost-effective to invest in ever-evolving, sophisticated reworking and assembly equipment, or to train and retain a staff capable of using it.

Prototype development can be the most critical stage of product manufacturing. During this stage we can recognize and address problems before they emerge in the manufacturing process, preventing costly redesigns or delays. We can make changes to the manufacturing process that enhance product reliability and lifespan. We can analyze the PCB manufacturing cycle, then recommend specific components or assembly processes that decrease costs and production time, saving money and enhancing the finished product. As you move from experimentation to presentation and, finally, to full-scale manufacture, the eTech team moves with you.

Prototype production affects the bottom line. When your device is designed to be easily manufactured and more reliable in the field, it’s more likely to be successful in the market: producing your prototype with eTech can make your project more profitable.


From routine component changes to IPC Level 3 soldering, we offer a flexible suite of services that keep your project moving. Our teams rework existing boards to solving manufacturing issues for a few faulty units or an entire production run. We can reball thousands of BGAs or replace hundreds of components, meeting the unique requirements of each job. We can salvage even the most sensitive components and repair irreplaceable boards using the best tools available. There’s no need to recruit and hire temporary staff or procure equipment; we take care of the details so you can focus on what you need to do.


In addition to intricate rework, eTech assembles new devices, specializing in complex PCBs.

We can work from an existing kit or source components, choosing parts that ensure long-term manufacturing needs will be met and profitability maintained. We develop highly repeatable processes, documenting each step to make future production runs easier and more profitable, whether assembled in our facilities or elsewhere. We may automate the process with tools like our Juki CUBE.460 Selective Solder System or employ one of our highly-skilled technicians to build more complex PCBs.

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